June 17-21 | Cannes, France

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Enhance the relevance of video advertising by connecting the right video advertisement with the right video content.


IRIS.TV enables the world's leading broadcasters and publishers to harness the power of AI to target the right video to the right audience, at scale

Industry-leading video personalization technology

Compatible with any CMS, Video Player, and Ad Server

Our new contextual video ad targeting solution is uniquely positioned for demand-side-platforms, agencies and brands to target their digital video advertising utilizing contextual segments.

Reach premium audiences, in context and scale, outside the walls of Facebook and YouTube

Relevance at Scale

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Field Garthwaite

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Harrison

Chief Revenue Officer

Richie Hyden

COO & Co-Founder

Bill Bundy

Chief Financial Officer

Rohan Castelino

VP, Marketing

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