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Case Study:Damian Benders - Scaling a Digital TV Network

Damian Benders, VP Video Programming and Business Development at iOne Digital talks about how IRIS.TV's AI and video intelligence is driving organic growth and revenue across its network of brands.

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1 - The Challenge of a P&L Owners

"Every view counts and every time we miss one, it hurts, because it's real dollars left on the table. When you aggregate them over the number of sites and the amount of video views that we're talking about, it becomes real money really quickly. "

2 - The Challenge of Scale

"The first challenge, all the time, is scale. Video is and has been for quite a while, where the advertising business is going and where user consumption is going...we can easily sell hundreds of millions of impressions of video on a monthly basis if we had it."

3 - Driving Organic Internal Growth

"IRIS.TV has been instrumental in the strategy for our growth, which has been fairly meteoric over the last three years approximately"

4 - Accessing Data to Drive Insights

"We do regular reviews about what we can do to improve. We get counsel about everything from how we're tagging and what the category taxonomy is and how users are responding."

5 - Applying Data Insights -

"One of the first, sort of, really high volume series that we started to change as a result of working with IRIS.TV was for our biggest brand -"

6 - Engagement Drives Revenue 

"It was immediately advantageous for us in terms of growing total views, which is a new ad opportunity for us to put a pre-roll in front of the customer."

7 - Campaign Manager Drives Branded Revenue

"We do a very big branded entertainment business doing custom video...We've used Campaign Manager, particularly on one of our leading sites, Madame Noire, to really create a groundswell of conversation around that content."

8 - Enabling Cross Functional Success

"We've received plenty of attention but more than that, an understanding of what it was we're trying to accomplish from a business perspective, and not every company does that."

9 - Supporting our Business Strategy

"The IRIS.TV team was responsive, always knowledgeable, always able to assess strategically what needed to happen and not stop when there was an obstacle, whether it was technical or business related."

10 - IRIS.TV Can Help New Digital Businesses Succeed

"I think as a dynamic team of talented people who are trying to push this business forward, you can't find a group that has more integrity and is more committed to making it happen."

11 - IRIS.TV Can Help Large Broadcasters Succeed

"It is a world-class product and it is really about a customer, as a vendor, as a business owner, how you engage with it is what determines your future success. It's really right for all kinds of levels of company."

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