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Case Study:JJ Helland - AI for Editorial Programming

J.J. Helland a 15-year digital media veteran at leading news publishers The New York Times, CNN, and Men's Journal leveraged IRIS.TV for visibility into what users are watching and used that data to inform editorial programming strategy, leading to 250% video lift.

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1 - The Competitive Landscape

"We're not just competing with other publishers. We are trying to get eyeballs from people who are also watching Netflix and Hulu. We're trying everything we can to get a competitive advantage. "

2 - Concerns About Working with AI

"If you watch a video on you'll quickly see that the videos that play next after that initial view make total sense and they're particularly suited for that user."

3 - Working with IRIS.TV

"One aspect of working with IRIS.TV that I loved a lot was the customer service. Super impressed with how the tool and platform actually works, but then there's the human side, we need people who feel the same sense of urgency, and I always felt like we got that from IRIS.TV. "

4 - The IRIS.TV Programming Strategist

"It was clear right off the bat that the programming strategists were invested in what we were doing too by flagging ways we could continue to optimize our production and increase viewership."

5 - Applying Data to Inform Editorial Strategy

"We leveraged the tool to give us a lot of visibility and insights into what our users were watching and we would use that information to inform our programming strategy."

6 - Applying Video Intelligence

"We saw via the IRIS Vision™ dashboard that our audience was really responding to the shorter, social, mobile-friendly videos particularly in the Entertainment category, so we applied that to concepts we hadn't done before and we saw some real results."

7 - Content Optimization

"One of the big benefits of having visibility on a granular level from the IRIS.TV dashboard is seeing the metrics and being able to take those insights and and continue to optimize for social and mobile. When you're a lean team. it's important to be as efficient as possible."

8 - Would you Recommend IRIS.TV?

"Based on what I saw and experienced, there's nothing but upside. They seamlessly integrated into what we were doing. Everything was easy, and seeing the results - 200, 250% lift, was pretty incredible. I highly recommend using IRIS.TV."

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