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Case Study:Gunnar Waldman - Monetizing TV in Digital

Gunnar Waldman, GM Digital Video at This Old House, discusses his experience with IRIS.TV and how the technology has enabled this 40 year old broadcaster to capture and retain their loyal, DIY- enthusiast audience across distribution channels and platforms.

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1 - Challenges of Disintermediation

"Since 1979 we have had a very loyal following of DIY enthusiasts but we now have a landscape where media is disintermediated across 25 touch points. What we try to do is make sure our loyal audience can still find us wherever they like."

2 - Day-to-Day Challenges of Managing Multiple Revenue Streams

"Diversifying revenue streams is never a bad thing... So if someone changes an algorithm or if a media outlet becomes unpopular, you have enough income sources and can still maintain the business model."

3 - Concerns About Working with Artificial Intelligence

"Audiences have the choice to watch 10 different things at any one point in time, so the more you can speak to them in a way that is relevant and specific to them, the more you'll succeed.  That's the kind of thing that IRIS.TV addresses."

4 - The Benefits of Working with IRIS.TV

"IRIS.TV helps us build better relationships with our viewers. We are serving those people video that when discovered, they really appreciate them and watch all the way through. That's an indicator for me of how this tool is working."

5 - A/B Testing IRIS.TV Against a Competitor

"When we first brought them onboard we did an A/B test with a different recommendation engine, which showed us about 50% lift. After a few months, IRIS.TV came in at about 100% lift. So, double the number of recommended impressions. And that has a clear monetary value."

6 - Driving Ad Revenue with IRIS.TV's Campaign Manager

"The Campaign Manager is a really nice tool when we need to fill demand for direct sold campaigns.  We work with our programming strategist to modulate how quickly we deliver on those campaigns."

7 - Why Would You Recommend IRIS.TV?

"I would absolutely recommend IRIS.TV. Their technology has done great things for us, and the programming strategists give us great insights weekly. Certainly they've helped us with monetization across web and mobile and we're looking forward to using them in our growing OTT space"

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